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Date: January 2014


Bossar Packaging SA, based in Barcelona, Spain has developed an innovative solution to pack ground coffee and tea leaves into a “coffee pot” shaped stand-up pouch. The pouch comes complete with an integral filter, zipper closure system and corner valve insertion for pouring the freshly brewed coffee and tea. The pouch is made of flexible high barrier materials coupled with easy opening and reclosing features which allows hot water to be poured into the pouch and subsequently reclosed.


The pouch works by allowing hot water to pass through the filter containing the ground coffee or tea leaves, and the fresh coffee or tea is ready to serve once it is deposited into the bottom of the pouch. The corner valve can then be opened and used to pour the drink in a convenient and practical way.

The Bossar machine, model BMK 2600STU concept was used to manufacture and fill these pouches; this modular concept machine was redesigned and adapted for this special application, where the pouch is formed from four independent reels:

Firstly the special filter material enclosing the ground coffee or tea is formed, secondly a reel of high barrier transparent film forms the stand-up gusset section of the pouch and the remaining two films form the front face and back face of the pouch. A specially designed unwinder section for multiple reels with independent tension control enables the synchronised sealing of all four films.


The front and back face of the pouch has self adhesive labeling units located after the unwinder to apply a self adhesive label to the front and the back faces of the pouch. The labeling enables the customer to change the description of the packed product quickly by simply changing the self adhesive labels to suit the product being packed at the time.

Downstream from the unwinding section, the bottom of the bag, the filter and both faces of the pouch are brought together and sealed, the zipper is inserted, a die cut and a spout are also inserted to create the final article.

Auger filling was used to fill the product into the pouch, complete with gas flushing treatment to preserve the quality of the product.

With this innovative packaging system the consumer can enjoy a superb coffee anywhere in a quick, clean and convenient way.

Coffeebrewer and Teabrewer concepts are patented by Coffeebrewer Nordic A/S.



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