New generation easy grasp handle design

Take of into a new generation of easy grasp handle design and resealable features for fluid and granulated products , with capscrews or various zipper closure designs as options

The package talked about at Packexpo has come again from Peel Plastics out of Brampton Ontario, Canada. The Cap screw resealability option and a new easy grasp handle design has been integrated into a stand up pouch package design.

Stand Up PouchTalking to David Troost it became obvious that the main areas of use can be considered to replace containers that are made of plastic. The new flexible package option can replace such structures easily.
„Sustainability and pricing are landmarks that retailing companies like very much over other systems solutions“, said David Troost, during an interview.

Peel Plastics has been a company from early on that drives solutions for the pouchmarkets.
Almost any kind of zipper reselable solution are adaptable to a large variety of packaging styles. For more details please referre to:

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