Three years ago, Bossar initiated the design and manufacture of a range of full servo controlled horizontal form fill and seal packaging machines with numerous technology advancements and improvements in comparison to traditional mechanical HFFS machines.










Further to the success of the new full servo range, Bossar have expanded the range of servo machines with a radical new concept, the BVH machine (Bossar Vertical Horizontal machine). This machine can form stand-up
“Stabilo” type pouches, with the classic side gusset folds and a stand-up base combined with an added value characteristic, that the machine can insert top spouts onto the pouches, making it an ideal machine for liquids
and free flowing powders such as energy drinks, baby foods, sauces, yoghurts and small granulates.

This machine combines two different technologies:
• Firstly the module that forms the pouch body is based on a proven vertical form, fill and seal technology complete with unwinder, forming tube, vertical quad seal introduction and bottom seal to produce the square shaped pouch giving excellent pack rigidity.
• Subsequent to the first module, Bossars horizontal technology is introduced to open, fill, spout insert and close the final pack. In this area it is possible to fill up to three dosing stations to complete the filling of the pouch.

Both vertical and horizontal modules are perfectly synchronized via servo motors, enabling, for example, to alter the length of the pouch from the touch screen interface without stopping the production process.
Benefitting from several filling stations allows the customer to fill the pouch with different products or several differing ingredients, format changes are quick and easy with changeover times typically being in the range of twenty minutes to undertake. Another huge benefit of the full servo technology on this machine is the independence of each movement allowing the filling, spout insertion, and final sealing to complete when the machine is stopped to ensure minimal product and packaging waste. As with all the latest Bossar machines, an intuitive touch screen HMI interface is supplied to ensure that the interaction with the operator is simple but at the same time gives detail parameter, job and machine information.
The BVH machine is provided with an exclusive system that returns to the electrical network, any surplus energy consequently decreasing the electrical consumption of the machine to ensure a more sustainable manufacturing platform, this combined with the innovative concept of the machine and all the additional benefits provides one of the best machines in the market.

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